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Quran is the last sacred Holy Book of Allah (S.W.T) revealed to last sermon Hazrat Muhammad . It is the Book of guidance for all mankind.

For understanding the Quran, we use the word “Tafseer”, which means “to explain and describe”. Tafseer is essential for a proper understanding of the Quran. Without knowledge of Tafseer, we can’t understand the meaning of the Quran. Tafseer is meant to explain to humanity the Book that has been revealed to them by Allah.

Due to the importance of studying Tafseer e Quran for every Muslim, International Tilawat Academy (ITA) presents Online Tafseer e Quran Course, especially for those Muslims who are either Non-Arabs or living in Non-Muslim countries.

Now, you or your kids can take online Tafseer classes with highly-qualified Quran teachers through one-to-one live sessions. Our Quran tutors will help you develop a correct interpretation of the Quran, knowing the situation in which the verses were revealed and understanding the Quranic verses in-depth with the explanation.

What will you learn in Tafseer e Quran Course?

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