Islamic Learning For Adults

About This Course

There is the only way to be followed in this world in the light of our Creator’s guidance is “Islam”. It is the single guarantor of our success in Duniya & Hereafter. The first step of following Islam is true knowledge. The truth knowledge enlightens how we can move towards Allah’s desire, towards  Jannah: our final destination.

So, we have introduced the Islamic Learning Course for adults, in which we know the basic requirements and essentials of Islam. We will get know in this course the following basics:

About 30 Surahs of Quran e Kareem with translation & tafseer in a simple and effective way

240 (Two Hundred and Forty) Ahadees regarding different important aspects of our life which present the comprehensive concept of Islam

Compulsory Faiths of Islam

Daily Masail in simple Question/Answer form

Seerah of Prophet (S.A.W), Seerah of Khulafa e Rashideen (R.A)

History of Muslims

 Azkaar & Duas regarding essential aspects of our life

Habits of Holy Prophet (ﷺ)

Course Structure

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